There’s NOTHING Like a Great Big Smile!

One of the most amazing things about people is our Smiles! We often Smile without any thought as a natural response to something good. But in fact…Smiling is HEALTHY in a number of ways. Among others:

  • Smiling can change your mood…make you happy, even when you’re not feeling happy
  • Smiling is contagious…you can change someone ELSE’S mood when YOU flash a Smile
  • Smiling is healthy…it relieves stress, releases endorphins, and actually lowers blood pressure
  • Smiling is a natural face lift…keeping us all looking younger
  • Smiling can actually lead to full on laughter…the best of medicines
  • Smiling makes us more attractive…to friends, potential partners, and colleagues

In short, Smiling is great for you! We opened Trent Family Dentistry to help people feel great about their Smiles so they Smile more often and more naturally. It’s our Purpose and our Commitment to the people and families of Midlothian and Chesterfield who trust us with their Smiles.

Helping you Smile more is the reason we’re in business!