What To Expect

Most people don’t love to take the time to go to medical appointments. And most of the anxiety people have is in wondering what to expect. We understand that, and it’s why we do everything we can to make your visit to our practice comfortable…even enjoyable! Setting and meeting our clients’ expectations is a great beginning to an important relationship. To help you feel better and plan better, here’s what you can expect as a patient of Faith Trent, DDS.

All Patient Visits

Smiles all around! We’re in business to help you love your smile, and you’ll see just how much we love to show ours!

Clear Agenda – before we tend to anything you may need, we take the time to fully explain what we’ll be doing, why we’re doing it, and what you’ll feel. There will never be any surprises…whether it’s a simple rinse following a cleaning, or more detailed procedure…you’ll know what’s next BEFORE it happens, and be very clear on what to expect. And…we always ask your permission before we proceed. Courtesy always creates smiles!

Time Frame – How much time you’ll need to allow for a visit depends on what we’re doing together that day. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you plan:

New/First Time Patients – plan on a 2 hour visit for your first time with us. The first examination as our new patient is very detailed, so we can come to know your mouth, and you, fully from the start. It includes conversation with your Hygienist, X-Rays, Intraoral Photography using our specialized digital photography process, as well as the usual cleaning, and time with Dr. Trent to discuss findings and options.

Regular Check Ups/Hygiene Exams – allow up to one hour of time for both adult and child exams, as a rule.

Specialized Procedures – Each procedure we provide our patients has a unique time frame. Once you and Dr. Trent have decided on a direction, Dr. Trent will advise you as to how long that procedure will take, as well as any other special needs that particular procedure may require….such as dietary restrictions or special driving accommodations.

Call Backs – In our practice, caring for our patients doesn’t end just because your office visit has. We take the time to call anyone who has had a procedure with Dr. Trent to make sure they are doing well. Your smile is extremely important to us, but your health and comfort is even more important!

Paperwork – If you’re new to our practice, there are a number of important forms to complete to help get you into our system. This first time, the forms can take a little bit to fill out, so we recommend you download them from our website and complete them before you arrive that day. This will help make your first visit a little shorter. For returning patients, each time you visit we’ll want to make sure we have all of your information updated and correct, so there are always a few forms to review before you see one of our hygienists or Dr. Trent.

An important note….any and all information shared with our practice is forever kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone without your express written consent. Your privacy is as important to us as your health!