Stains and Discoloration

Did you know that the color of your teeth naturally comes from inside the tooth? As we age, wear and tear on our enamel can expose a darker internal shade, and make our teeth seem dull or discolored. Likewise, what we choose to eat and drink can greatly affect the color of our teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, and smoking can all leave undesirable discoloration and stains on our otherwise white teeth…making our smile less attractive.

The good news is your teeth can be re-whitened by your dental hygienist. There are 3 methods:

  • An in-office procedure where your teeth are bleached from the outside to re-establish their white and glowing look with a kick-start 37% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel.
  • Through the use of professional grade teeth whitening products that you use daily at home for a certain amount of time prescribed by your dentist.
  • Utilizing Sheer Strips that contain 22% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel at home.

Because everyone’s teeth are different, as are each tooth in your mouth, the best thing to do is ask your hygienist what they recommend for you. Either way, with just a little effort, we can get your teeth white and bright again, and restore your confidence in your smile!