Tooth Ache

It’s often a comedy routine in TV and movies to have someone suffer from an agonizing tooth ache! But in real life, a painful tooth ache is NO laughing matter!

Tooth aches can be the signs and symptoms of something minor and non-dental related, such as an oncoming sinus infection, or be the evidence of something much more serious going on with the tooth. Teeth can ache from cavities, decay, cracks, infections, abscesses, infected gums…even damaged prior dental work like old fillings or crowns.

Sometimes a tooth has a dull pain…sometimes a powerfully sharp one. Some teeth throb and ache constantly, some only when touched. All are symptoms that should be paid due attention.

In severe incidents, a tooth ache can be accompanied by swollen or painful gums, swelling of the jaw, or even a fever. When severe and very painful symptoms are present, the very best thing you can do is go for an emergency exam right away. Waiting can allow even more trauma to build, and the pain to continue and worsen.

If the pain you’re experiencing is light, or intermittent, giving a tooth ache a day or two before going for an emergency exam is recommended. If the pain grows, or persists past a couple of days…or if it goes but returns…get in to see what the problem may be. Like most things, early detection will really save you a great deal of trouble and trauma later.